An Index Card a Day

During the summer, it’s hard to find blocks of time to work on ambitious printing projects, so I’ve just been trying to squeeze in small bursts of creativity every day. I found out about the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge hosted by Daisy Yellow through I Am Rushmore, and am now totally hooked. The idea is to make some kind of small work of art on a simple 3×5 or 4×6 card every day for sixty days. The website offers optional themes and prompts for each day of card making.

I like it because such a small canvas seems totally doable and non-threatening. Making one little unassuming card every day has prompted me to try using new techniques and mediums, and sometimes the cards turn into inspiration for larger projects.

Here are just a few of the cards:

Collage with map, hand-carved stamp, linen, Japanese paper, and hand embroidery. 
Tinted gesso, watercolor, paint pen (The prompt for this one was “album cover.” The name of the fictional band is “Flowers” and the album is “Wilted.”)
Watercolor and collage with stained tea bag, magazine clippings, lace bits, and paint pen


Botanical Monoprint Collage with Stitch

I made several botanical prints with my Gelli plate over the weekend using flowers and grasses I collected on a late afternoon walk. I like to make Gelli prints on thin but sturdy Japanese paper because my goal is usually to repurpose them into an artist book or collage (rather than keep them as stand alone pieces.) And kozo paper works great for botanicals because you can sort of squash it around them to pick up detail.



I cut up some of the prints that didn’t work well as whole pieces and made them into a collage with machine stitching* and some line drawing.

This print wants you to know that it  looks much better in person.

I also printed on some teabags and glued them to one of the not so great prints in an attempt to salvage it:


I might further ruin it by doing some stitch or sketch work on it because I can’t help myself.

But I was most pleased with the ghost prints.  IMG_8012

Scrumptious colors, don’t you think?

* I think I first saw stitched Gelli print collages on Dudley Redhead’s blog. She does some really cool stuff with mono prints.