Hi, I'm Rima, artist and illustrator. I work in a wide range of mediums, from pixels to gouache to fabric and thread, and try to sneak bits of vintage collage papers into my work when possible. My illustrations are characterized by charming characters and motifs, a little bit of quirkiness, and lots of bold, vibrant color. I was raised in a bi-lingual Eastern European family on sour cream, mushrooms, potatoes and hair-raising stories about stricken maidens and nine-headed dragons, so Lithuanian folk themes and traditions also tend to pepper my work.
My textile work is all sewn by hand and typically combines elements of collage, appliqué, and embroidery. I work almost exclusively with natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and wool and am especially drawn to vintage textiles.
Whatever the medium, I aim to capture and magnify the wonder, humor and beauty of everyday moments. I'm also captivated by the idea of the unseen world, by that which is hidden versus that which is visible, and the link between the tangible and the ephemeral. 
Growing up, I never imagined that I could make a living creating art, so I opted for degrees in French and English Literature and a Masters degree in Adult Education. I worked for many years as a technical writer and curriculum designer before pursuing illustration as a career. My "first career" helped foster a strong, deadline driven work ethic and attention to detail that still informs the work I do today.
My life's passion is creating art, and I try to infuse the joy I get from doing so in every piece I make. When I'm not painting or sewing in my sunny home studio, I love to take walks, rummage through antique stores and markets, read fiction, drink wine, eat sushi and travel.
I live in Cleveland with my husband and two children.​​​​​​​
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